My brother (Gary) and I (Rav) moved around a lot over a four-year period, from 2014 – 2018 and we learned a lot during that time. 

From selling and buying with no chain, so that we could get a quick sale, going into rented accommodation, to letting our property and becoming landlords. All so we could stay ahead in these uncertain times.

What we learned was that we were simply not happy with the way we were treated and the service we received.   We quickly realised that although moving home was a personal journey and investment for our family, it was still only a ‘sale’ for the estate agents we were using

We decided as a team that we wanted to start an estate agency with one simple goal – to treat people during their personal and life changing journey with compassion and care.

During this time I met my husband, Paul, we got married and welcomed our first child in October 2016.  Soon after this Gary, my parents and my sister were on the move again.

We felt something had to be done!

With a background in different parts of the property industry we decided to do more homework before setting off on our journey.  As a result, Gary and Paul are on their way to becoming RCIS registered Chartered Surveyors and in the near future I will soon be qualified as a Mortgage Advisor.

Paul has a background in civil engineering and over 20 years’ experience of solving problems in the ground for many of the country’s national house builders.  His interest in understanding on what soil type, what period and how a house was built seemed a natural fit for the next chapter in our lives. 

Gary has a passion for people and serving customers above and beyond what is required.  His background in IT and process project management pushes him to use this knowledge to deliver a more efficient way for clients to buy or sell a house. 

Together, we will help you find your Home Sweet Home

From point of contact you’ll be assigned a Personal Agent, who is your ‘go to’ person and this Personal Agent will see you through from start to finish.  No more, speaking to different people when you call or finding your agent has moved on to another agency.  We are a small family run, independent agency, focused on delivering quality and happiness. 

Lastly, I have a background in medical sales and customer service for people with disabilities, working with the NHS and local authorities.  My passion is to treat the customer’s needs as if they were my own.   When selling my house, I felt neglected and misinformed throughout the process.  I want to change this for you, so that you can enjoy what should be a lovely and exciting time.  We understand as a company, as ordinary people and a family, that there is a lot on the line when you’re buying and selling a home.

Rose Estate Agency vows to be different because we’d like you to take back control and as an Estate Agency we’d like to give you back that control. 

Most of all, together, we will help you find your Home Sweet Home.