Property Agency Guildford

Get the keys to your dream house, done right. With Rose Estate Agency you’ll be in control of the transaction and on top of the exchanges, whether you’re buying or selling, if you’re looking for a safe and effective method of getting your house needs sorted, you’re looking for Rose Estate Agency.

Being at the forefront of the new decade, we intend to take our property agency in guildford, into the future. Now being a local online estate agency, which maintains those critical family values.

We’ve identified a customer journey, to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us, after deciding what you want, we’ll consult with you to arrange bookings, making the offer that’s right for the property, then taking care of surveys. Following this, the exchange itself happens, which ends with you comfortably enjoying your money or your new property.

15% of transactions fail due to issues identified by surveys, you can beat that number by working alongside Rose Estate Agency to ensure that all the transactions you go through are handled properly and to completion. The fact that we know the pitfalls, and we understand what needs to be done to avoid them, are the reasons why your properties future is safe, with Rose Estate Agency.

To find out more about what it is that we offer, simply get in touch on our website, either by filling out the provided form, or by giving us a call on: 01483 789007